A Global Initiative to produce low cost Local Grown food year-around
in every climate, and every community...
" Grow in the snow..."
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About Us

The "Us", is really "You"...

Project Snow Blossom global Initiative was founded by a small group of very concerned and dedicated citizens who see the urgency of promoting the trend of Local Grown Foods and Year-Around growing technology now!

Our quest is to become the largest and most effective Advocate group for promoting, educating, and implementing local Year-Around greenhouses and gardens in every climate, every country, and every community globally.


                                  "Educate and Motivate Globally"....

We are a non-governmental and non-commercial Social Initiative funded and promoted only by caring supporters like you.

No allegiance to corporate sponsors, no political agendas, and no loyalties or obligations that create bias information and anchors to most organizations...

Our mission is to not only create awareness, but inspire and create both learning tools and also low cost, easy-to-implement technology at every level.

Zero Energy, year-around growing technology is not new! Yet is sits on the back burner of agricultural technology for many decades. You can only guess why...

With the support and enthusiasm of you, ...your friends, and your neighbors, we can quickly promote these simple and low cost technologies rapidly and effectively into the communities, schools, and homes globally.

There are many projects and organizations in communities across the globe already promoting similar Eco-Green, low Energy food growing methods.

We want to amplify and promote and spotlight their efforts, methods, systems and educational activities in a synergistic manner.

Our Global Advocacy Plan
   Local Grown Foods
   Year-Around Growing
   Zero Energy Technology
   Low Cost Systems
   Sustainable Education Concepts

Support The Project Snow Blossom Initiative
Very simply, we do not accept Corporate sponsors or Advertisers.

Although Corporate sponsors, Partners, Advertisers, and Government funding is the cornerstone to most non-profit organizations globally, it has been our decision to promote our Initiative without these resources.

Alternatively, we encourage them to urge their individual customers and constituents to support our educational Initiative.

Project Snow Blossom Initiative is "grass roots' social venture supported solely by you, our growing network of caring, interested Supporting Memberships.

We are convinced the most positive method to spread the word and grow our education programs is by word-of-mouth, through the common citizens like you
in every city, state, province, and country.

Local culture, local interest, local language, and local success...