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Aquaponics fish farms, aquaculture and seafood
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About Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a simple technology that combines a Hydroponic system with an Aquaculture system. Both use circulating water so the combination works well to produce both vegetables and also seafoods.

Aquaponics (AP) - A synergistic system combines both Hydroponics and Aquaculture into one, efficient food production system.

  • Hydroponics: The soilless production of vegetables, fruits, herbs, or other vegetation created by circulating water and nutrients past the roots of the vegetation.
  • Aquaculture: A controlled breeding, raising, and harvesting system to grow various types of marine life and as fish, lobsters, crayfish, and oysters.

In this combined process, both systems are in the same area--above, below, or side-by-side. First you feed the fish, then the fish waste flows from the Aquaculture tank circulates into the vegetation inside the Hydroponic tank. The plants use the fish waste and nutrients, sending the cleaned water back to the fish.

Certain types of fish, such as Tilapia also eat some of the vegetables created by the Hydroponic tank and both the fish, and the vegetables grow together in an almost perpetual manner.

In some, well designed systems with certain types of fish, there is little need to supplement the fish, or the vegetables with other food or nutrients.

The technology of Aquaponics is not new, and has been used successfully in China and other Asian countries for more than a 1000 years.

Aquaponics, when using low-cost Geo-Solar Greenhouse technology can produce vegetables and fish, and other seafoods daily in virtually any climate of the world, even in the winter months.


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