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Urban Farming

Urban Farming and Urban gardens in cities
CREDIT: GreenCube Staff

About Urban Farming

Urban Farming can have many descriptions such as, Urban Gardens, City Gardens, or Urban Agriculture. All terms are basically synonymous and simply refer to gardens and growing foods in an Urban environment.

To be very clear, Urban Farming is in populated areas, versus a Traditional Farm which is farther outside the city and in the country with much open area.

An Urban area can be inside a busy city, on roof-tops, in villages, inside your local neighborhoods, on balconies, and often inside your home or apartment. Any place that is not out in the open countryside.

Although some people have Greenhouses in Urban areas, typically Urban farming refers to open, seasonal gardens. For easier learning and understanding, we are placing Greenhouses in a separate category but certainly Greenhouses are also a big part of Urban farming, as well it should be.

As the Urban Farm trend grows we see more varied types of agriculture (farming). Although some Urban Farms are typically vegetable, herb, and fruit gardening, the Urban Farm can also include chickens, fish, rabbits, and even beekeeping.

We promote the use of every corner of unused space and land in cities, towns and villages. We promote the use of space in your yard, on your balcony, and even in rooms near windows.

The true concept of Urban Farming is to grow food locally, where the masses of people live and work daily. People who who promote Urban farming often use the terms "Local Grown Food", "Foodie",and  "Locavore" to describe this trend. However you describe the trend, it is growing rapidly because it offers important food safety, security, better nutrition, an amazing life base and connection for children, and also an important income opportunity for many.  Close, fresh, and readily available.

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